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Please print this page for easy reference.

 Webcam requirements:

For those of you attempting to access the site from your company's network, please note that your company's port/firewall settings may prevent you from accessing the system. If you have permission, please check with your company's technical support team for assistance.

It is also important to note that only those parents that have children who are currently enrolled at Eyes On You Daycare and have paid the additional access fees will have access to the webcam. There is no trial access.

To access the webcam from any PC with internet access you will need to do the following:

 ·   Go to the eyesonyoudaycare.com

·   Once on the homepage, click on the viewing access link (found next to the second arrow in the middle of the homepage). Click on the “Click for viewing access link” to download the updated Client Software needed to view your child remotely

·   Once your browser has been redirected to the new page you will need to click on the link entitled “ravsdvr.vctclient.2.2.rc51.EXE (found next to the second arrow near the top of the page)

·   Once you click on the link, a smaller window will appear and prompt you to select either run, save, or cancel. Simply click “Run” and a new window will appear and begin the software download

·   If a window appears that warns of an “Unverified Publisher” please continue with the application by clicking the “Run” button

·   Afterwards a new window will appear to begin the installation then “install” and save it to your desktop. To launch the application, click on the New PC Client icon found on your desktop

·   Once you have launched the installation wizard for the New PC Client Software by clicking the icon, simply follow the instructions on the screen to install the Client Software

·   Once you have installed the software you will need to do the following:

o   Launch the application entitled RAVS VCT Client on your desktop by clicking on it – a smaller window will appear on your screen

o   Click on “add site” and enter the information below

§  For “Name” enter: Eyes On You Daycare

§  For “IP address” enter the sequence:

§  For “Port” enter the numbers: 1104

§  For the “Type” select: Camera Server V1

§  Finally, click the Save button

·   Once you have saved the profile, you will need to do the following:

o   Select the profile from the drop down list entitled: “Location” – Eyes On You Daycare

Please email us at info@eyesonyoudaycare.com or telephone us at (510) 581-6432 for the Username (UN) and Password (PW) used to access the site. Once you receive the Username and Password you will have the ability to check on your child from any internet accessible PC.

**To ensure the privacy of your child, only the Eyes On You Daycare administrative staff and those parents that have explicitly contracted with EOYD for web cam access will have access to this site. Your child’s safety is our number one concern.**

For Username and Password information and questions or comments, please email us at: info@eyesonyoudaycare.com or call us at (510) 581-6432.


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