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Eyes On You Daycare Program and Curriculum

Children are separated by age into one of our 3 different classes located in 3 separate buildings. Our Infant & Toddler class containing children age 0-2 yrs is located in Building #1. Their class is not shared with any other age group and we do not allow older children to mix in with the younger children as a safety precaution. For this reason both the Infant & Toddler class and the Older Toddler class have their own distinct playground areas.

Infant & Toddler -

Older Toddler -

Preschool -


Typical Daily Preschool Curriculum

6:30-9:00am Arrival

7:00-7:30am Breakfast

7:30-8:00am Circle Time and Daily Activities (Diapering as needed)

8:00-8:30am Free Play

8:30-9:30am Work Time with materials, computer class time, and art activity

9:30-9:45am Snack Time (A.M.)

9:45-10:45am Second Circle Time with language development

10:45-11:15am Outside Time (Weather permitting)

11:15-11:30am Diapering and Potty

11:30-12:00pm Lunch Time

12:00-2:00pm Potty and Naptime

2:00-3:00pm Wake-up Time, Potty, and Diapering

3:00-3:15pm Snack Time (P.M.)

3:15-3:45pm Circle Time

3:45-4:15pm Outside Time (Weather permitting)

4:15-5:15pm Table Activity and Work Time


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